What is Insacoin ?

Insacoin is a Bitcoin-like network created by the Crypto Lyon asscoiation at INSA Lyon. Insacoin is not the new Bitcoin.

Why Insacoin ?

First, Insacoin was forked from Litecoin 0.8 in order to create a new demonstration network (/a new demonstration coin : insacoin) for a lesson at INSA Lyon.
The coin has then been used and been at the heart of a workshop series animated by Crypto Lyon called “From shiba to lion”, which intends to teach by doing the technical basis of Bitcoin-like networks (what people often vaguely refers to as “Blockchains”).
As of now, Insacoin has updated to v0.10 and is still used for the series and for any types of experimentations, teaching, practices.

Which future ?

Replacing Bitcoin and getting to the moon.
Seriously, we expect to do more with Insacoin : we are building a core team, trying to implement a 51% attack on the network, and we have already built an explorer and a mining pool which helps us to make a better use of it.