Shiba to lion workshop, fourth session

The fourth session of the workshop took place unusually just a week after the third one. Actually, it was an unusual workshop : instead of having just me presenting a concept and then explaining how to use it, we started with 2 short presentations.

The first by Patrick Guillaud which was about Bitcoin as a digital object, and the second by Thibaut Tauveron about Docker and how he created the Insacoin Docker images. I then explained how to handcraft Insacoin transactions but we had a slight problem with network connection…

Bitcoin as a digital object

Patrick talking In this presentation Patrick, which has been using Bitcoin for more than 7 years, presented it from another point of view : an object-oriented view. He started by defining the characteristics of a physical (tangible) object and then applied it to a bitcoin (without the capital “B”, I’m talking about the token). He explained that a bitcoin has all the properties of an object, and even more. What if Satoshi, with Bitcoin, also created the first tangible digital object ?

Insacoin in a Docker container

Here is the presentation (in french) of Thibaut, the “how to” has already been detailed in “How to use Insacoin with Docker”.
First slide Second slide Third slide Fourth slide Fifth slide Sixth slide Seventh slide

Hand-made raw transactions

I have already written a whole post about it on Medium so I won’t copy/paste it here nor I will rephrase it.
Read “Bitcoin raw transactions : the hard way” on Medium